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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Disk Space?
This is the set amount (in megabytes) of files you can store on your server space.

What is Bandwidth?
Bandwith is the monthly transfer of data you are allowed.

What's Cpanel 10?
Cpanel is a advanced, easy to use automated control panel packed with many features, that lets you control and manage your website and email. You can also view your web statistics and install instant scripts.

What Programming languages can I use for my site?
Perl, PHP4, CGI, and JavaScript.

Whats your server's uptime?
Our server is one of the most advanced in the world and ensures that your data is both safe and reliable - our uptime is over 99.5%. We guarantee an uptime of 99%.

Your server uses LINUX, my computer runs Windows, will I be able to use my webspace?
Yes, LINUX is only the OS our server runs on, your site will be viewable in every known web browser supporting OS including AOL, WebTV and MacOS X.

Do you have an online order system?
Yes! Our online ordering system is fast, secure and easy.

Do you have a money-back guarantee?
Yes, if you are not satisfied with your new account within 30 days of purchase then we will refund you the purchase price.

Who do I contact about problems with my account?
Visit the support section, there are many ways we can get in touch.

Do you offer a trial package?
No, however if you are unsatisfied with your hosting within 30 days we will refund you in full. You can however, try out CPanel - this will give you a good idea of how your site will work.

I already own a domain, can I transfer it to a hosting account with WebHostingAce?
Yes you can, it won't cost you a dime, please email support for more details.

What is an addon domain?
An addon domain is simply a way to describe a domain for which content is pulled from a subfolder instead of from the main site's own content. For instance, a photographer might have a domain and wish to set up another domain on their account called, but have show different content than the master domain. In that case, would be set up as an addon domain, pointing to the folder /photos under the main site. Visitors to would only see that URL in the address bar of their browser when visiting the site - no references would be shown from the main site, and would be treated as a completely separate site.

What is parked domains ?
Parked domains are basically an alias domain name to your master domain, it will be pointing to the same webpages as your master domain is pointing to. For instance, and is pointing to the same webpage "index.htm".

Which domain extensions can I register with my WebHostingAce account?
You can use any ICANN or Nominet accredited domain extension with our server. (All common ones will work - .com, .biz, .net, .org,, etc.)

Do accounts come with shell access?
No. Due to security risks we have discontinued shell access to our servers.

Can I upgrade my account?
Yes, you can upgrade to any of our packages simply by submitting a ticket to, with your account username and the package you wish to upgrade to. You only pay the difference in package prices to upgrade.

What happens if I exceed my monthly allowance?
You will receive an email from us asking you to either upgrade your account or purchase more bandwidth. You will have 5 days to respond to the email or your site may be suspended until the next calendar month when bandwidth totals are reset.

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